Using Ready Mix Concrete? Know The Common Types And Advantages


Visit any reputed concrete supplier and they will let you choose from a wide variety of concrete mixes. Understand the needs of your construction project and you can choose the right type of concrete mix. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for ready mix concrete. It is a type of customised concrete manufactured in factories or a batching plant. The supplier will understand your concrete needs and manufacture the material according to your required specifications. After the concrete mix is prepared in the factory, it is taken to the worksite in transit mixers.

ready mix concrete

Millions of construction workers and builders all over the world prefer ready mix concrete. The material is very durable and sustainable. It is always advisable to choose a reputed supplier offering this concrete variety. You can rest assured that the mixture prepared is precise and of high quality. Some concrete suppliers even use this concrete manufacturing method to make various concrete mixes efficiently. They have high versatility and multiple applications.

3 Types Of Ready Mix Concrete

  • Transit Mixed Concrete – It is also known as dry-batched concrete. It is prepared by putting all the ingredients and water directly into the truck mixer. The mixer drum revolves at high speed when the material is loaded. It revolves at a normal speed until the concrete is delivered at the construction site.
  • Shrink Mixed Concrete – The initial concrete mixing takes place in the plant mixer. The rest of the mixing is done during transit in the truck-mounted drum mixer. The amount of mixing required in the transit mixer is dependent on how much mixing was done in the central mixing plant.
  • Central Mixed Concrete – This ready mix concrete variety is completely mixed before loading it into the truck mixer. The primary task of the truck mixer is to act as an agitator while transporting the concrete. Some suppliers even use non-agitating trucks if the project requires concrete with less workability.
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3 Advantages Of Using Ready Mix Concrete

  • Reputed concrete suppliers of ready mix concrete use consistent methods and sophisticated equipment when manufacturing the material.
  • The material is tested on various parameters before delivering them to the construction site.
  • The mechanised operations in a ready mix concrete plant speed up the construction practices.

Since you are now aware of the common types and benefits of ready mix concrete, it’s time you start looking for a reputed supplier in your city.

Know More About Coloured Concrete


A primary reason why people prefer using coloured concrete for decorative purposes is that it makes every installation unique. You can achieve a design, shape, texture and pattern of your choice. If you want to create a dramatic design statement, you can blend coloured concrete boldly with nature. Gone are the days when people chose cement in its natural grey state. Nowadays, they prefer using colour to enhance the visual appeal of natural concrete. Some concrete suppliers even let their customers choose from an exclusive palette of shades. You can also achieve decorative effects. The transformation will not only look fantastic but is also worth the investment.

coloured concrete

4 Common Methods Of Colouring Concrete

  • Integral Colour
  • Concrete Stains
  • Concrete Dyes
  • Dry-Shake Colour Hardener

How To Integrate Colour On Concrete Structures?

It is very easy to integrate colour on both new and existing concrete. The colouring method is dependent on the type of project you have undertaken and the conditions to which the structure will be exposed. There might also be some limitations as far as the intensity and availability of colour is concerned. If you want to make a spectacular concrete structure, choose a rich and permanent colour.

Why Do People Prefer Coloured Concrete?

There has been a recent increase in the demand for colour concrete as you can choose from numerous colours and achieve the perfect look. A simple patio made using concrete in Orpington can become spectacular if you choose coloured concrete. While some people prefer concrete in earth tones.

Concrete colouring is one of the design options which is both affordable and compatible with existing and new concrete. Though you can stimulate the look of pavers, tiles, bricks and flagstones using coloured concrete, make sure you choose the right technique and product.

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Break Up Large Areas With Coloured Concrete

If you think that large concrete areas look dull, you can break up the look using coloured concrete. You can even pair it with decorative techniques like brooming, stamping, sandblasting and saw cutting. The objective is to achieve a more personalised look. You can also integrate marble, granite and tiles when installing concrete structures.

It’s time to use coloured concrete and you will be definitely pleased with the results.

5 Strong Reasons Why Concrete is the Right Choice for Building a Patio


Among all the materials that are used in the construction industry, concrete is considered as the strongest. It is the most used material, as well. It has some unique features and benefits that make it the favourite of the construction specialists as well as the property owners. Whether you want to build an entire house or need to construct a new patio – concrete is your best choice.

concrete patio

It is a compound material which is made up of a mixture of cement and water. Various types of concrete are available and they are used to build different types of structures.

Why You Should Choose Concrete for Patio Building

Concrete is Durable

When it comes to choosing something durable or long-lasting, nothing can beat concrete. It is one of the hardest and most durable materials used in the construction industry. It gains more strength with time. Concrete can withstand hostile weather conditions and remain strong for years after years. So, your patio will also remain strong and durable when you use concrete to make it.

Low Maintenance Material

Concrete demands zero or minimal maintenance. Hence, you can keep your patio shining and attractive without any extra effort. Cleaning the patio once or twice a month will be enough to maintain its beauty and fresh look. Simple sweeping with broom and water will be enough. If required then you can use a jet washer or pressure washer once in a year to keep the concrete patio stain-free.

Concrete in Flexible

You can create different designs with wet concrete to get your desired shape in the patio. It is flexible, and you can get the desired shape, size and style of your patio with the help of concrete.

Excellent Fire Resistant

Concrete has a great quality of fire-resistant. Hence, it is safe to use this material to build the patio. Therefore, your patio can remain unharmed even if there is a fire in the garden or the exterior part of your house.

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Concrete is Affordable

In comparison to timber or glass, you can always find concrete less expensive. Building a concrete patio is always an affordable option for every homeowner. If you wish to get something cost-effective, stylish and durable, then a concrete patio is the best option for you.

There are many other features of concrete that make it a suitable material to build a stylish and smart-looking patio. You can add various colours to concrete to make the patio attractive and stylish. Besides, concrete is eco-friendly, which makes it a perfect choice for the modern homeowners who love to get things that are not toxic for the environment and for their loved ones.

However, you need to look for the best quality concrete to obtain all these benefits mentioned above.

Contact with Cobra Concrete Ltd for the premium quality materials that you can use to build strong and durable structures, including stylish patios in your house.

Choose Quality Ready Mix Concrete


If you are looking for affordable construction material, choose concrete. The production cost of the cement is comparatively low so you can buy it without exceeding your construction budget. It can also harden at ambient temperature and cast into a shape you want. It also has excellent water resistance characteristics. Though concrete has so much to offer, there are still a few builders who have not approached a concrete supplier yet. They believe that the material is prone to discolouration. Though it is not entirely wrong, visit the right concrete supplier and you don’t have to worry about discolouration.

concrete discolouration

What Is Concrete Discolouration?

For someone not aware of the term, concrete discolouration occurs when the surface of a concrete structure develops non-uniform colour. There might be mottled discolouration or deep blotches. The colour change can deteriorate the appeal of a structure so make sure you use quality concrete to make it. The colour change can also occur when cement is not mixed in the right proportion. 

What Causes Discolouration Of Concrete?

It will become easier for you to deal with concrete discolouration if you are aware of the various reasons which cause it. When concrete is prepared in batches while making a structure, the source of cement or fine aggregate might change which can bring a change in placement sequence. Though this can cause concrete discolouration, it is very rare and insignificant. When you hydrate cement to a great extent, they become a bit lighter in shade. This effect can also occur due to insufficient mixing time or inconsistent use of admixtures. If you notice a greenish or yellowish tint has appeared on the concrete, it is an indication that the material contains ground slag. You can expect the shade to vanish over time. Generally, concrete discolouration does not occur due to a single factor.

Tips To Prevent Discolouration Of Concrete

  • Avoid using cement with high alkali content if you want to reduce the chances of discolouration.
  • Limit the quantity of calcium chloride or chloride-bearing chemical admixtures you are adding with concrete as it is considered to be the primary reason behind concrete discolouration.
  • The condition, kind or type of formwork you are using when building a concrete structure can also impact its surface colour.
  • Concrete suppliers in Croydon avoid trowel burning the concrete as hard trowelling the material can densify the surface and lead to dark discolouration.
  • Unprofessional curing of concrete can also lead to discolouration as uneven curing impacts the degree of cement hydration.
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How To Minimise Discolouration Of Concrete Slab?

Since discolouration of concrete has a negative impact on the appeal of a structure, your focus should always be on minimising or preventing it. Concrete suppliers always recommend adding proper protection to prevent the concrete from drying due to sun or wind, moisten absorptive subgrades and follow the right curing procedures. 

Know The Factors Which Impact Your Concrete Mix Design


One of the primary reasons why the demand for reputed concrete suppliers is always quite high is because concrete is one of the most preferred man-made construction materials. It offers the perfect blend of affordability and durability. Just make sure that the material is prepared by mixing cement, aggregates and water in the right quantity. Once the mixture is poured in forms, they cure and become hard like a rock. The workability, strength and durability of concrete are largely dependent on how the mixture is prepared and the method of compaction. But before you start looking for a concrete supplier, know the common concrete mix designs and the factors which impact the design mix of concrete.

concrete mix design

2 Types Of Concrete Mix Design

  • Nominal Mix Concrete

It is a rough method of concrete mix design which works on the principle of ratio or volume. Cement, sand and aggregates are measured before mixing instead of mixing them randomly. A unique feature of nominal mix concrete design is that they don’t require any lab testing. They are used in various parts of the world for ordinary concrete construction where the concrete grade requirement is less than M15. The M20 design mix is used for higher grades. This concrete mix design works on the principle of volumetric batching.

  • Design Mix Concrete

Design mix concrete is more popular than nominal mix concrete as it works on the principles of mix design. Builders choose this variety when they need concrete of desired quality for their construction project. They are even more affordable than the one stated above. Reputed concrete suppliers like Cobra Concrete Ltd. always conduct laboratory testing of the constituents before mixing them.

3 Factors Which Impact The Design Mix Of Concrete

  • Workability Of Concrete

If you are looking for proper placement and compaction of concrete, a few factors you should consider are the spacing and quality of reinforcement, shape and size of the section you want to concrete and how you are transporting and placing the concrete. Quality concrete offers satisfactory placement and compaction of concrete and minimum possible workability. Insufficient workability will have a negative impact on the durability, strength and surface finish of a concrete structure.

design mix concrete
  • Durability Of Concrete

You can stay assured that the concrete you are using is durable if it is resistance to deterioration even in an aggressive environment. Concrete suppliers in Surrey achieve the desired durability by minimising the cement content and grade of concrete and maximising the water cement ratio. Sometimes, chemical and mineral admixtures are also added to the concrete mix to enhance their durability.

  • Grading Of Aggregates

If you are using both coarse and fine aggregates when preparing the concrete mix, ensure proper grading of combined aggregates. The proportion in which they are mixed will impact the material’s strength and workability. Your concrete mix will be leaner if the grading is coarser.

Since you now know the common concrete mix designs and the factors which impact its design, it’s time you start looking for a reputed concrete supplier.

Concreting Tips For Construction Workers During Summer


There are a few people who think using concrete during summer is as easy as using it during the rest of the year.  High summer temperatures, low humidity, direct sunlight, high concrete temperatures and even modest wind velocity can cause concrete surface cracking (plastic shrinkage cracks).

concreting tips in hot weather

Concrete preparation, placement and curing become a problem when the weather becomes too hot. Cement starts hydrating rapidly when the temperature increases, water evaporates quickly and construction workers often get confused about how much water they should mix to prepare concrete. The objective is to prevent cracks from developing in the concrete structure later. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by high-quality concrete in Sidcup, take all the precautions necessary during hot weather concreting.

3 Effects Of Hot Weather Concreting

  • To maintain the workability of concrete, you have to mix more water when preparing it. As a result, the strength of the material reduces drastically.
  • Plastic shrinkage cracks might develop in the structure before or after the material has become hard. It generally occurs due to rapid evaporation of water when the temperature becomes too hot. Cracks might also develop in the structure due to increased drying shrinkage.
  • Water has evaporated more rapidly than they should during the curing period. The easiest way to prevent the issue is by ensuring that the temperature remains uniform throughout the curing process.

7 Tips To Minimise The Impact Of Hot Weather Concreting

  • Avoid pouring or using concrete between 11 am to 4 pm as the temperature is at its highest between these times.
  • Create a shed in your construction site to store sand, cement and stone aggregates.
  • Keep stone aggregates cold by sprinkling water over them at fixed intervals.
  • Sprinkle cold water on reinforcements, forms and sub-grade just before placing the concrete.
  • Try to finish the concrete placement process quickly if you want to minimise the impact of hot weather concreting.
  • Using concrete after a long time you have prepared them will decrease the material’s workability. You have to mix more water to deal with the situation.
  • Start moist curing concrete once it attains the required degree of hardening.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and choose a reputed concrete supplier if you want to minimise the impact of hot weather concreting. 

Know How Ready-Mix Concrete Is Prepared By Suppliers In Sidcup


Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. It is economical, durable and can be cast into a shape you want. In industrialised and developing countries, they are used to build both residential and commercial buildings. Cement and aggregates are two common materials used to make concrete. You have to mix them with water in the right proportion.

ready mix concrete in Sidcup

Not only is concrete entirely inert but also provides exceptional durability without any special maintenance. Though concrete suppliers in Sidcup offer a wide variety of concrete to fulfil your construction needs, the demand for ready-mix concrete is gradually increasing. Few easy steps followed to prepare this concrete variety have been stated below.

Steps Followed By Concrete Suppliers In Sidcup When Preparing Ready-Mix Concrete

1)      A semi-trailer is used to deliver and unload aggregates into the receiving hopper. The hopper is covered with a cladding which not only helps in limiting noise but also reduces the amount of dust emitted during the unloading process. The objective is to keep these disturbances away from the environment.

2)   A bucket elevator or conveyor belt is used to transport the aggregates.

3)      The capacity of the compartmented silo or hoppers in which the aggregates are stored is dependent on the production capacity of the plant.

4)      A belt scale or weighbridge is used to weigh the aggregates before transferring it to the mixer.

5)      A tanker truck delivers the cement which is then stored in waterproof silos. The filters in the silo prevents the dust from getting released into the air. You can store a wide variety of cement in them. Concrete suppliers use a cement auger to feed the cement into the cement skip scale where it is weighed.

ready-mix concrete Sidcup

6)      The cement mixer is an integral part of every plant. The previously weighed aggregates, cement and water are fed into the cement mix where they are mixed for around one minute so you can get a homogeneous concrete mixture.

7)      There is a door at the lower part of the mixer which opens once the mixture is prepared. It transfers concrete from the concrete mixer to the mixer truck.

8)      If you want to make changes in the properties of the concrete, you can add admixtures during the production process.

9)      There is a controller in the control room which helps the central control technician carry out the production with ease. The automated process of preparing concrete in Sidcup guarantees precision.

10)   The mixer trucks responsible for delivering fresh concrete to construction sites have a capacity of 4.6 to 8m3. If you want to make the most of ready-mix concrete, use it within 2 hours after it is manufactured. A pump truck is used to deliver the concrete and implement it on site.

11)   You can use a recycler to separate aggregates from the loaded water which can later be used to produce various types of concrete. You will be surprised to know that every material left behind as residue during the production process is recyclable.

These being said, you now know how suppliers prepare ready-mix concrete in Sidcup.

4 Unique Facts About Concrete You Will Love Reading


Concrete is produced by mixing various ingredients like water, cement, aggregates and additives. It creates a hard and protective surface when it chemically reacts with the gases present in the air. The various benefits offered by it is one of the primary reasons why people has been using this construction material for hundreds of years. Earlier, they were used to make underground water cisterns in deserts. Nowadays, concrete is one of the most popular man-made building materials. Whether you are planning to build a long highway or just a kitchen counter-top, it is the best material as they have high strength and durability.

ready mix concrete in Croydon

Prefer Using Concrete? Few Unique Facts About The Material

  • It Is The Only Building Material Resistant To Fire And Water

Concrete is a fire-proof material which means that it won’t burn even if you set it on fire. Since it doesn’t burn, it doesn’t release toxic fumes in the air as well which makes it an eco-friendly material. The thermal conductivity of concrete is very slow so it can transfer heat with ease. Builders prefer using concrete when constructing buildings so that the structure can survive a fire. The material is also water-resistant. You can make it waterproof as well by mixing membranes and special concrete mixes.

  • It Is The Most Preferred Material For Road Construction

The majority of the motorways in the world are made using concrete. Though you have to spend more money to make a motorway using concrete instead of asphalt, the former last longer so you can enjoy it for years to come with minimal maintenance. Concrete is also a more environmentally-friendly choice. You can customise concrete mixes according to your unique construction needs. You can also save time by using ready mix concrete in Croydon.

  • Home Buyers Prefer Concrete Sinks, Floors And Counter-tops

One of the primary reasons why home buyers prefer properties with concrete outdoor furniture and garden decor is because the material can withstand water. When concrete is used for interior designing, the appeal of the inside of your home enhances drastically. It is durable and versatile which makes it the ideal material when building custom fireplaces, sinks and counter-tops. Though there are various flooring materials you can choose from, concrete floors are an economical option.

Ready Mix Concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete Works The Best For Underwater Structures

It is easy to develop different concrete mixes for specific uses as cement is an aggregate. For example, Pozzolanic is the best material you can use for constructing underwater structures like piers, tunnels, dams and sewer works. This concrete variety is highly water-resistant and more versatile than wood and steel. Even reinforced concrete has a higher compressive strength compared to other building materials.

The unique facts about concrete stated above will make it easier for you to understand why the building material is so important.

5 Significant Advantages of Buying Ready-Mix Concrete


People who are involved in some kind of construction projects may find it easy to buy the sacks of concrete and mix it up on their own. Especially if this is a small job of construction, then this is the best solution in most of the cases. However, the use of ready-mix concrete is a better idea to obtain a more efficient service. If you are confused about choosing the right type of concrete in Surrey, you should be aware of the advantages of ready-mix accredited concrete.

ready mix concrete Surrey

Key Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete Is Revealed

High Quality is Guaranteed

Ready-mix concrete is widely recognized in the construction industry for its high quality. It meets specific standard requirements for safety and durability when you use it in a construction site. Whether you use it for big construction or something minimal; the result will be robust and durable without any doubt.

Consistency Is Superior

Ready-mix concrete is known for offering the ultimate consistency that you always wish to achieve for your construction project. Without proper consistency, it would be difficult to gain the best result out of any concrete work. Hence, you need to use the product that can offer you the same. Mixing various batches of concrete to obtain that desired level of consistency is a time-consuming and daunting task. Besides, the result is not always satisfactory. The ready-mix concrete will save you in this situation.

Achieve High Speed of Construction

Ready-mix concrete always offers you high-speed of construction. Since you do not need to mix each batch of concrete separately, you can save a significant amount of time. Hence, the entire construction project can be finished within the shortest time possible.

Environment-Friendly Product

The mixing method is efficient, and it reduces the dust-pollution level in the air to a great extent. Cement and waste production can be kept under control in your construction site when you choose ready-mix concrete over the other types. Besides, it is easy to transport from one place to the other without increasing the pollution level. This eco-friendly nature of ready-mix concrete makes it one of the most favourite of the modern construction companies, civil engineers and the building experts.

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Ready-Mix Concrete Meets the Regulations

In the UK, the regulations of the National House Building Council state that all concrete used in building new homes must meet the standard set by BSI. It is necessary to satisfy the building regulations without any flaw. The aim is to ensure the safety of the buildings and keep them long-lasting. All the government building must use the accredited concrete in Surrey and no other variations. 

With such a long list of advantages, it becomes evident that clients belong to the construction industry love to buy ready-mix concrete for their upcoming and ongoing projects. This is a wise investment for them.

Cobra Concrete Ltd. provides high-quality concrete to companies, as well as individual users. We are available in and around London including part of Surrey. Our concrete is not only best in quality, but we can promise you competitive pricing and highly supporting customer service. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Know The Differences Between Site-Mixed And Ready Mix Concrete


Concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials as it is durable and affordable. The production cost of cement used to make concrete is also quite low. The material hardens at room temperature and gains its strength. Fresh concrete is flowable and can be cast into any shape. You can adjust the mix and cast them into complex shapes at construction sites.

Since concrete has so many unique qualities, you can use it for a wide variety of projects without worrying about its cost. Just make sure you choose the right concrete variety which suits your construction project needs and budget. Two concrete varieties which are widely used are site-mixed concrete and ready-mix concrete. You can choose the right material for your project if you know the differences between them.

4 Differences Between Site-Mixed And Ready Mix Concrete

  • Preparation

The primary difference between volumetric and ready-mix concrete is the method through which the ingredients are mixed and the concrete prepared. The former is prepared at the client’s construction site by the labourers. If you want to avoid quality issues, make sure the ingredients are mixed in proper proportions. Ready mix concrete, on the other hand, is manufactured at a plant and delivered in a ready-to-use state to the construction site. Concrete suppliers sell them in volume and measure them in cubic meters.

  • Time Taken

Since the preparation process differs, the time taken to prepare volumetric and ready-mix concrete is also different. If you have undertaken a large size project, its speed is a vital thing to consider. Since you can load and off-load ready mix concrete easily, you can save a lot of time. Preparing site-mixed concrete is very time-consuming and there are high chances for your project to get delayed.

  • Equipment

The equipment used to prepare both the concrete varieties also differ. One of the equipment you will definitely need if you want to prepare volumetric concrete at the construction site is batch mixers. Whether you rent the equipment or buy one, you have to spend a few pounds. The best alternative is to approach a reputed supplier of ready mix concrete in Croydon. Since this concrete variety is delivered in a ready-to-use state to the construction site, you don’t need any equipment to prepare them.

  • Convenience

If convenience is your priority when working on a construction project, choose ready-mix concrete instead of site-mixed concrete. You can handle it with convenience, irrespective of the size of your project. You can also deliver it to multiple locations with ease. Volumetric concrete, on the other hand, should be mixed near the point of use to avoid any type of contamination. You also need controlled storage spaces when storing them.

Since you now know the basic differences between site-mixed and ready mix concrete, it’s time you choose one and approach a reputed concrete supplier.