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Cobra Concrete has years of experience in providing high-quality ready mix concrete in Croydon. Cement, sand, aggregates and water are mixed in the right proportion so that the concrete possess all the vital properties. We are one of the leading names in the concrete industry.

We have a track record of providing higher grades of concrete to hundreds of customers willing to use them under severe, very severe or extreme conditions. Our concrete is widely preferred by small contractors, large developers, architects, builders, government agencies and house builders. Everyone approaching us for ready mix concrete can stay assured of high durability and sustainability.

Types Of Ready Mix Concrete Offered By Us

Transit Mixed Concrete: It is prepared by directly charging all the basic ingredients into the truck mixer. We ensure that the mixer drum is rotated at high speed while the material is being loaded. The speed is slowed down after a few revolutions.

Shrink Mixed Concrete: The concrete is prepared by partially mixing the ingredients in an advanced plant mixer. A truck-mounted drum mixer is used for the rest of the mixing during transit. Our experts calculate how much mixing is required in the plant mixer after considering the amount of mixing done in the central mixing plant.

Central Mixed Concrete: We mix the concrete carefully before loading it in the truck mixer. The mixer acts as an agitator while the concrete is being transported. If we feel that the workability requirement is less, we use dump trucks or non-agitating units.

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