A primary reason why people prefer using coloured concrete for decorative purposes is that it makes every installation unique. You can achieve a design, shape, texture and pattern of your choice. If you want to create a dramatic design statement, you can blend coloured concrete boldly with nature. Gone are the days when people chose cement in its natural grey state. Nowadays, they prefer using colour to enhance the visual appeal of natural concrete. Some concrete suppliers even let their customers choose from an exclusive palette of shades. You can also achieve decorative effects. The transformation will not only look fantastic but is also worth the investment.

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4 Common Methods Of Colouring Concrete

  • Integral Colour
  • Concrete Stains
  • Concrete Dyes
  • Dry-Shake Colour Hardener

How To Integrate Colour On Concrete Structures?

It is very easy to integrate colour on both new and existing concrete. The colouring method is dependent on the type of project you have undertaken and the conditions to which the structure will be exposed. There might also be some limitations as far as the intensity and availability of colour is concerned. If you want to make a spectacular concrete structure, choose a rich and permanent colour.

Why Do People Prefer Coloured Concrete?

There has been a recent increase in the demand for colour concrete as you can choose from numerous colours and achieve the perfect look. A simple patio made using concrete in Orpington can become spectacular if you choose coloured concrete. While some people prefer concrete in earth tones.

Concrete colouring is one of the design options which is both affordable and compatible with existing and new concrete. Though you can stimulate the look of pavers, tiles, bricks and flagstones using coloured concrete, make sure you choose the right technique and product.

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Break Up Large Areas With Coloured Concrete

If you think that large concrete areas look dull, you can break up the look using coloured concrete. You can even pair it with decorative techniques like brooming, stamping, sandblasting and saw cutting. The objective is to achieve a more personalised look. You can also integrate marble, granite and tiles when installing concrete structures.

It’s time to use coloured concrete and you will be definitely pleased with the results.

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