Concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials as it is durable and affordable. The production cost of cement used to make concrete is also quite low. The material hardens at room temperature and gains its strength. Fresh concrete is flowable and can be cast into any shape. You can adjust the mix and cast them into complex shapes at construction sites.

Since concrete has so many unique qualities, you can use it for a wide variety of projects without worrying about its cost. Just make sure you choose the right concrete variety which suits your construction project needs and budget. Two concrete varieties which are widely used are site-mixed concrete and ready-mix concrete. You can choose the right material for your project if you know the differences between them.

4 Differences Between Site-Mixed And Ready Mix Concrete

  • Preparation

The primary difference between volumetric and ready-mix concrete is the method through which the ingredients are mixed and the concrete prepared. The former is prepared at the client’s construction site by the labourers. If you want to avoid quality issues, make sure the ingredients are mixed in proper proportions. Ready mix concrete, on the other hand, is manufactured at a plant and delivered in a ready-to-use state to the construction site. Concrete suppliers sell them in volume and measure them in cubic meters.

  • Time Taken

Since the preparation process differs, the time taken to prepare volumetric and ready-mix concrete is also different. If you have undertaken a large size project, its speed is a vital thing to consider. Since you can load and off-load ready mix concrete easily, you can save a lot of time. Preparing site-mixed concrete is very time-consuming and there are high chances for your project to get delayed.

  • Equipment

The equipment used to prepare both the concrete varieties also differ. One of the equipment you will definitely need if you want to prepare volumetric concrete at the construction site is batch mixers. Whether you rent the equipment or buy one, you have to spend a few pounds. The best alternative is to approach a reputed supplier of ready mix concrete in Croydon. Since this concrete variety is delivered in a ready-to-use state to the construction site, you don’t need any equipment to prepare them.

  • Convenience

If convenience is your priority when working on a construction project, choose ready-mix concrete instead of site-mixed concrete. You can handle it with convenience, irrespective of the size of your project. You can also deliver it to multiple locations with ease. Volumetric concrete, on the other hand, should be mixed near the point of use to avoid any type of contamination. You also need controlled storage spaces when storing them.

Since you now know the basic differences between site-mixed and ready mix concrete, it’s time you choose one and approach a reputed concrete supplier.

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