How Using Ready Mix Concrete Can Reduce Delays to Your Project


When you choose ready mix concrete instead of the conventional concrete products, it can save you time on your project.

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Using Ready Mix Concrete to Save Time

  1. This concrete mixture is ready to be used at your construction site.
  2. You do not need to waste your time mixing various elements to get your desired concrete product.
  3. You can have innovative mixers and volumetric trucks at your site for the fastest delivery.
  4. The concrete supplier will send these trucks to your site anytime you require them.
  5. It will save you from the waste of products since you can get the exact amount you want.
  6. You do not need to employ and maintain a big team for a concrete mixing job.

Ready mix concrete will save your time by cutting down the mixing and transporting time. However, you should look for a reliable and reputable supplier of ready mix concrete for your project. Whether you are an individual client or a construction company, it is advisable to get the products from a trustworthy source to enjoy all these benefits.

Concrete suppliers in Surrey

Cobra Concrete Ltd. is one such company. We deliver high-quality ready mix concrete that will improve the standard of your project. From laying a driveway to constructing the base of a multi-storeyed building – you can use this product for various construction tasks.

Apart from ready mix concrete, we also offer on site mix concrete, concrete pump, floor screed and grab hire. Talk to our experts to get complete details about our products.


Using Ready Mix Concrete? Know The Common Types And Advantages


Visit any reputed concrete supplier and they will let you choose from a wide variety of concrete mixes. Understand the needs of your construction project and you can choose the right type of concrete mix. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for ready mix concrete. It is a type of customised concrete manufactured in factories or a batching plant. The supplier will understand your concrete needs and manufacture the material according to your required specifications. After the concrete mix is prepared in the factory, it is taken to the worksite in transit mixers.

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Millions of construction workers and builders all over the world prefer ready mix concrete. The material is very durable and sustainable. It is always advisable to choose a reputed supplier offering this concrete variety. You can rest assured that the mixture prepared is precise and of high quality. Some concrete suppliers even use this concrete manufacturing method to make various concrete mixes efficiently. They have high versatility and multiple applications.

3 Types Of Ready Mix Concrete

  • Transit Mixed Concrete – It is also known as dry-batched concrete. It is prepared by putting all the ingredients and water directly into the truck mixer. The mixer drum revolves at high speed when the material is loaded. It revolves at a normal speed until the concrete is delivered at the construction site.
  • Shrink Mixed Concrete – The initial concrete mixing takes place in the plant mixer. The rest of the mixing is done during transit in the truck-mounted drum mixer. The amount of mixing required in the transit mixer is dependent on how much mixing was done in the central mixing plant.
  • Central Mixed Concrete – This ready mix concrete variety is completely mixed before loading it into the truck mixer. The primary task of the truck mixer is to act as an agitator while transporting the concrete. Some suppliers even use non-agitating trucks if the project requires concrete with less workability.
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3 Advantages Of Using Ready Mix Concrete

  • Reputed concrete suppliers of ready mix concrete use consistent methods and sophisticated equipment when manufacturing the material.
  • The material is tested on various parameters before delivering them to the construction site.
  • The mechanised operations in a ready mix concrete plant speed up the construction practices.

Since you are now aware of the common types and benefits of ready mix concrete, it’s time you start looking for a reputed supplier in your city.

Pros And Cons Of Using Ready Mix Concrete


Quality concrete with the right consistency is crucial for any building you are looking to construct. Today, the concept of ready mix concrete has emerged as a solution for your construction hassles. If you are looking to source reliable concrete in Croydon for your building needs, you can place your faith in Cobra Concrete. We are a leading supplier of ready mix concrete.

Pros Cons Of Ready Mix Concrete

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Instead of churning sand and stone chips in a cement mixer at your construction site, a ready mix concrete is produced in a dedicated factory space in a batching plant. It is produced according to your building specifications and then transported to your building site using transit mixers for further use. There are three major types of ready mix concrete:

  1. Transit mix concrete
  2. Shrink mix concrete
  3. Central mix concrete

Pros of Using Ready Mix Concrete

If you are looking for ready mix concrete in Croydon for your building project, you must consider the pros and cons of the material. Using ready mix concrete comes with a lot of advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Speedy construction: Since the concrete mixture is manufactured in a ready-to-use state, it considerably speeds up the construction process. You do not need to dedicate any time to mix raw materials and churn them to produce concrete. Instead, timely delivery of ready mix concrete from Cobra Concrete and your construction project will be underway in the blink of an eye.
  • Economical: Outsourcing of ready mix concrete cuts down the costs of your project significantly. You do not have to purchase any machinery or employ labour for the production of cement. Instead, you can dedicate your time, efforts and money solely on the construction details and let us deal with the hassle of producing quality concrete for your building needs.
  • Consistency: Producing batches of cement on-site often cause consistency issues due to a shortage of material or time. By purchasing ready mix concrete from Cobra Concrete, you can rest assured that you get reliable and consistent quality of cement. Thereby, you can get optimum results.

Cons of Using Ready Mix Concrete

  • Transportation: Ready-mix concrete has to be transported to the site of construction. This transit may take some time if the location of cement production and the building venue are located far apart. Further, this time lag can cause the ready mix to set before it can be used.  Efficient retarders may be added to the mix to delay setting to solve this problem.
  • Inventory: It is crucial to have a dedicated facility at your construction site to store the concrete from Croydon. Since you are likely to purchase ready mix concrete in bulk to provide for your entire project, you have to be judicious in storing the material properly. Ordering in batches can also be helpful in the case of long-term projects.

Cobra Concrete is the notable concrete supplier putting particular emphasis on producing and delivering quality ready mix concrete. They aim to provide the best results for your projects, and their biggest goal is to make customers happy with an exquisite range of products and services.

How To Use Ready Mix Concrete For Your Project During Winter?


Do you have a construction project coming up this winter season? But, with the cold weather outside making things more complicated, are you perplexed about what to do? Well, even though the cold season isn’t ideal for concrete, you can turn things in your favour. Are you wondering how? Well, all you need to do is approach the best suppliers of ready mix concrete in Croydon. Trust us; they can protect your concrete from the damage of cold weather.

How To Use Ready Mix Concrete

Pouring concrete in winter season is inevitable for contractors who have to work in colder climates. The material loses its durability, weather resistance and comprehensive strength if it freezes during the pouring and setting process. And, only the concrete suppliers and contactors protect the material from the damage of cold weather. This means that if your project requires pouring concrete during the winter months, you need to approach the experts.

The Winter Mix

As the weather gets colder, concrete suppliers will heat the material during the mixing process. The extra heat accounts for the expected drop in temperature during an average one-hour delivery in the winter season. This heat will prevent concrete from cracking, freezing and losing its comprehensive strength in the cold climate. Leading suppliers of ready mix concrete in Croydon also provide customers with the warmest possible on-site concrete.

Even the concrete mix matters to the overall project. Depending on the outside temperature and your project requirements, the suppliers will adjust the mix. This will help in pouring the concrete well and setting quickly in the winter weather.

Addition Of The Accelerators

Adding accelerators to the mix speeds up the concrete setting time as well as allow it to cure faster. Also, this prevents the concrete from freezing and experiencing any frost damage. Moreover, accelerators help in speeding up the finishing phase. The less time it takes for project completion, the better the quality of the finished product.

Water-Reducing Additives

Water-reducing additives create a higher-density paste of cement. This results in more weather-resistant and stronger qualities in the concrete.

Avoiding Fly Ash

Do you plan to expose the cement to de-icing chemicals once it cures? If so, you will want to reduce or avoid the amount of fly ash that’s added to the mix. This is because; fly ash can lead to scaling or peeling of the surface when exposed to de-icing chemicals.

Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather

Even though winter isn’t the ideal time to pour concrete, it’s possible to pour the concrete well enough. By taking just a few steps, concreting can result in a long-lasting, strong product in the cold season. To protect your poured material from damages, you need to remember certain rules. These include-

·         Never pour concrete on ice, snow or frozen ground

·         All protrusions and corners must be triple wrapped

·         In case the ground is frozen, thaw it for two days by using blankets and heat pipes

·         Cover the material until it cures completely So what are you still thinking of? Approach a reliable concrete supplier and get started with your construction project!

4 Situations When You Should Opt For Ready Mix Concrete

If you are planning your next concrete project, the first thing you need to do is approach an experienced concrete supplier. It is a very durable and low-maintenance construction material which helps in providing thermal mass and reduces the energy consumption of buildings. There are numerous concrete suppliers scattered all over Bromley. Look for one utilising the latest machinery and techniques to pump ready mix concrete into places where you need it. There are a few situations when using ready mix concrete, becomes necessary and you can complete your complicated construction project fast.

Opt For Ready Mix Concrete

Few Situations When Opting For Ready Mix Concrete Becomes Necessary

·   Require Customised Product

You can easily customise the mix of cement to other ingredients as ready mixed concrete is generally manufactured by concrete suppliers at a batch plant as and when required. Though you can use dry concrete when customisation is required, the level of customisation offered by local suppliers of ready mix concrete is always more. Customised concrete can be put to various uses on a construction site so you can get better value for money.

·   Volume Is Required

If you are planning to undertake a large construction project, opting for ready mix concrete is highly advisable as dry concrete is only suitable for small projects. You will require a bulk amount of concrete when building a yard. You can also save a few money, by opting for ready mix concrete instead of dry concrete for large projects. The easiest way to conduct a price comparison is by visiting your local concrete supplier.

· Consistency Has To Be Maintained

You have to add water with dry cement for every batch. It becomes a challenge for construction workers to get consistent batches and complete concrete work to the highest standards. If you are undertaking a project where you have to maintain a specific concrete texture (also known as a concrete slump test), opt for ready mix concrete. Renowned suppliers of ready mix concrete in Bromley use advanced scales and equipment while making large batches of ready mix concrete with identical consistency. You will get concrete of consistent quality even if you require several batches.

·   Time Is Vital

Everyone in the construction industry is aware of the importance of time, irrespective of the size of your project. Construction workers have to mix dry cement on site before placing the material. They have to open all the bags containing cement and mix water in the right quantity. This made the process very time-consuming. Ready mix concrete, on the other hand, can be delivered to be laid on sites efficiently and without wasting your time and effort. Since you are now aware of the various situations when opting for ready mix concrete becomes necessary, it’s time you start looking for a renowned supplier in Bromley and reap all the benefits offered by this concrete variety.