Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. It is economical, durable and can be cast into a shape you want. In industrialised and developing countries, they are used to build both residential and commercial buildings. Cement and aggregates are two common materials used to make concrete. You have to mix them with water in the right proportion.

ready mix concrete in Sidcup

Not only is concrete entirely inert but also provides exceptional durability without any special maintenance. Though concrete suppliers in Sidcup offer a wide variety of concrete to fulfil your construction needs, the demand for ready-mix concrete is gradually increasing. Few easy steps followed to prepare this concrete variety have been stated below.

Steps Followed By Concrete Suppliers In Sidcup When Preparing Ready-Mix Concrete

1)      A semi-trailer is used to deliver and unload aggregates into the receiving hopper. The hopper is covered with a cladding which not only helps in limiting noise but also reduces the amount of dust emitted during the unloading process. The objective is to keep these disturbances away from the environment.

2)   A bucket elevator or conveyor belt is used to transport the aggregates.

3)      The capacity of the compartmented silo or hoppers in which the aggregates are stored is dependent on the production capacity of the plant.

4)      A belt scale or weighbridge is used to weigh the aggregates before transferring it to the mixer.

5)      A tanker truck delivers the cement which is then stored in waterproof silos. The filters in the silo prevents the dust from getting released into the air. You can store a wide variety of cement in them. Concrete suppliers use a cement auger to feed the cement into the cement skip scale where it is weighed.

ready-mix concrete Sidcup

6)      The cement mixer is an integral part of every plant. The previously weighed aggregates, cement and water are fed into the cement mix where they are mixed for around one minute so you can get a homogeneous concrete mixture.

7)      There is a door at the lower part of the mixer which opens once the mixture is prepared. It transfers concrete from the concrete mixer to the mixer truck.

8)      If you want to make changes in the properties of the concrete, you can add admixtures during the production process.

9)      There is a controller in the control room which helps the central control technician carry out the production with ease. The automated process of preparing concrete in Sidcup guarantees precision.

10)   The mixer trucks responsible for delivering fresh concrete to construction sites have a capacity of 4.6 to 8m3. If you want to make the most of ready-mix concrete, use it within 2 hours after it is manufactured. A pump truck is used to deliver the concrete and implement it on site.

11)   You can use a recycler to separate aggregates from the loaded water which can later be used to produce various types of concrete. You will be surprised to know that every material left behind as residue during the production process is recyclable.

These being said, you now know how suppliers prepare ready-mix concrete in Sidcup.

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