One of the primary reasons why the demand for reputed concrete suppliers is always quite high is because concrete is one of the most preferred man-made construction materials. It offers the perfect blend of affordability and durability. Just make sure that the material is prepared by mixing cement, aggregates and water in the right quantity. Once the mixture is poured in forms, they cure and become hard like a rock. The workability, strength and durability of concrete are largely dependent on how the mixture is prepared and the method of compaction. But before you start looking for a concrete supplier, know the common concrete mix designs and the factors which impact the design mix of concrete.

concrete mix design

2 Types Of Concrete Mix Design

  • Nominal Mix Concrete

It is a rough method of concrete mix design which works on the principle of ratio or volume. Cement, sand and aggregates are measured before mixing instead of mixing them randomly. A unique feature of nominal mix concrete design is that they don’t require any lab testing. They are used in various parts of the world for ordinary concrete construction where the concrete grade requirement is less than M15. The M20 design mix is used for higher grades. This concrete mix design works on the principle of volumetric batching.

  • Design Mix Concrete

Design mix concrete is more popular than nominal mix concrete as it works on the principles of mix design. Builders choose this variety when they need concrete of desired quality for their construction project. They are even more affordable than the one stated above. Reputed concrete suppliers like Cobra Concrete Ltd. always conduct laboratory testing of the constituents before mixing them.

3 Factors Which Impact The Design Mix Of Concrete

  • Workability Of Concrete

If you are looking for proper placement and compaction of concrete, a few factors you should consider are the spacing and quality of reinforcement, shape and size of the section you want to concrete and how you are transporting and placing the concrete. Quality concrete offers satisfactory placement and compaction of concrete and minimum possible workability. Insufficient workability will have a negative impact on the durability, strength and surface finish of a concrete structure.

design mix concrete
  • Durability Of Concrete

You can stay assured that the concrete you are using is durable if it is resistance to deterioration even in an aggressive environment. Concrete suppliers in Surrey achieve the desired durability by minimising the cement content and grade of concrete and maximising the water cement ratio. Sometimes, chemical and mineral admixtures are also added to the concrete mix to enhance their durability.

  • Grading Of Aggregates

If you are using both coarse and fine aggregates when preparing the concrete mix, ensure proper grading of combined aggregates. The proportion in which they are mixed will impact the material’s strength and workability. Your concrete mix will be leaner if the grading is coarser.

Since you now know the common concrete mix designs and the factors which impact its design, it’s time you start looking for a reputed concrete supplier.

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