Quality concrete with the right consistency is crucial for any building you are looking to construct. Today, the concept of ready mix concrete has emerged as a solution for your construction hassles. If you are looking to source reliable concrete in Croydon for your building needs, you can place your faith in Cobra Concrete. We are a leading supplier of ready mix concrete.

Pros Cons Of Ready Mix Concrete

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Instead of churning sand and stone chips in a cement mixer at your construction site, a ready mix concrete is produced in a dedicated factory space in a batching plant. It is produced according to your building specifications and then transported to your building site using transit mixers for further use. There are three major types of ready mix concrete:

  1. Transit mix concrete
  2. Shrink mix concrete
  3. Central mix concrete

Pros of Using Ready Mix Concrete

If you are looking for ready mix concrete in Croydon for your building project, you must consider the pros and cons of the material. Using ready mix concrete comes with a lot of advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Speedy construction: Since the concrete mixture is manufactured in a ready-to-use state, it considerably speeds up the construction process. You do not need to dedicate any time to mix raw materials and churn them to produce concrete. Instead, timely delivery of ready mix concrete from Cobra Concrete and your construction project will be underway in the blink of an eye.
  • Economical: Outsourcing of ready mix concrete cuts down the costs of your project significantly. You do not have to purchase any machinery or employ labour for the production of cement. Instead, you can dedicate your time, efforts and money solely on the construction details and let us deal with the hassle of producing quality concrete for your building needs.
  • Consistency: Producing batches of cement on-site often cause consistency issues due to a shortage of material or time. By purchasing ready mix concrete from Cobra Concrete, you can rest assured that you get reliable and consistent quality of cement. Thereby, you can get optimum results.

Cons of Using Ready Mix Concrete

  • Transportation: Ready-mix concrete has to be transported to the site of construction. This transit may take some time if the location of cement production and the building venue are located far apart. Further, this time lag can cause the ready mix to set before it can be used.  Efficient retarders may be added to the mix to delay setting to solve this problem.
  • Inventory: It is crucial to have a dedicated facility at your construction site to store the concrete from Croydon. Since you are likely to purchase ready mix concrete in bulk to provide for your entire project, you have to be judicious in storing the material properly. Ordering in batches can also be helpful in the case of long-term projects.

Cobra Concrete is the notable concrete supplier putting particular emphasis on producing and delivering quality ready mix concrete. They aim to provide the best results for your projects, and their biggest goal is to make customers happy with an exquisite range of products and services.

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