Why Choose Coloured Concrete for Your Construction Site


In the world of building and construction, concrete is one of the most versatile materials. From the base of a structure to the decorative elements – you can use concrete everywhere while constructing a building in Orpington.

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When it comes to using concrete for decorative purposes, the demand for coloured concrete becomes higher. This is a new form of concrete which is highly appreciated in the construction industry. The coloured concrete is used for creating intriguing and creative structures or adding more decorative dimension to your building projects. No matter whether you are building your home or a commercial building; the use of coloured concrete can help you to add more creative and aesthetic value to that structure.

What is Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is normal concrete which has coloured pigments to get a certain colour which you can use for decorative and creative purposes in a building construction project. Adding the colour will help you to create something unique and vibrant.

The Benefits of Using Coloured Concrete

  • Coloured concrete has all the features of normal concrete; hence, you can use it anywhere during the construction project as per your need.
  • Coloured concrete can improve the aesthetic and creative features of a building.
  • It can add fresh dimensions to your building to give it a standalone look.
  • You can construct the building using coloured concrete to match the surrounding as well.
  • Since coloured concrete is moldable material, it provides you with fantastic flexibility in design which you desire to have.
  • Whether it is coloured or not, concrete is one of the most durable materials that one can use to develop a building project.
  • Not only you can add a wide range of colours, but you can also have colour consistency in coloured concrete.

All these benefits make coloured concrete one of the popular materials for the building and construction industry. You should contact the top concrete manufacturer and supplier to obtain the best products.

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Cobra Concrete can offer you the finest quality concrete that can be used in different types of building and construction projects. Please get in touch with us to know in detail about our products and services.

Common Use of Concrete in Interior Designing Projects


When we think about concrete, most of the time we think about its use in the structural construction of a building. It is the roof, sidewalk, foundation of a building, driveways and pavements where we can see the wide use of concrete. Modern interior designers choose concrete for their work as well.

Concrete Interior Design

Yes, we are talking about the use of concrete in interior designing projects. In fact, it is getting huge popularity in this recent time in the world of interior design where new trends and intriguing ideas are ruling the industry.

Use of Concrete for Interior Design

  • Concrete Flooring

Along with hardwood and vinyl, concrete is also used as a flooring option in modern houses. The modern interior designers choose concrete over tiles or other types of floors because of its versatility and durability. Choose a suitable colour scheme to paint your concrete floor and get a unique look for your interior.

  • Kitchen Countertops

Instead of using the granite and linoleum, you can choose concrete to build durable and stylish-looking kitchen countertops and kitchen islands. The use of concrete for making kitchen countertops or bathroom sink can add a unique feature to the interior design of these spaces in your house.

  • Concrete Walls

When you wish to add more features and glamour to your interior walls, you can try concrete. Instead of having the traditional dry walls with gorgeous paints, have concrete walls with exclusive texture. Your interior will look totally magnificent and appealing.

  • Concrete Shelves

Whether it is your living room or bedroom, you can have some stylish and useful concrete shelves to keep decorative items. These shelves are highly efficient to keep different items in one space. From books to crockery and from decorative pieces to mementoes – you can keep dozens of things on these shelves. They look gorgeous and add exclusive features to the interior of your house.

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If you wish to use concrete for the interior design of your home, you should talk to your interior designer about the type of material you need. You can add colour to the concrete to get some colourful texture.

No matter whether you need to use concrete for the exterior or interior design of your property; you must have the best quality product to obtain something durable and efficient. Talk to the experts of Cobra Concrete Ltd to get the best quality concrete for your project.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Concrete For Storage Areas


People have been using concrete for a long time. Take a look around and you will notice that all the barn, warehouses and storage facilities are made of concrete. It is produced from locally available material and leaves a small environmental footprint. It is one of the building materials which gain strength over time. If you are planning to build a storage area to protect your valuable stock and products, visit a reputed concrete supplier in Sidcup and use high-quality accredited concrete.

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Few Benefits Of Using Concrete When Making Storage Areas


If your objective is to build a fire-resistant storage area and keep your valuables protected, use concrete. It is made using cement and aggregates. Both these elements are chemically inert and don’t catch fire. Not only does concrete save the storage area from catching fire but the material also transfers heat very slowly. Even if blazes take place outside the storage area or in some other room, your valuable items will stay protected. When concrete comes in contact with flames, they don’t emit toxic fumes and keep your stock and people protected.

Strength And Durability

The focus of every construction worker building a storage area is on its strength and durability. Visit a reputed supplier of concrete in Sidcup and you can expect the structure to last for years with minimal maintenance. You will be surprised to know that concrete is capable of enduring the weight of heavy vehicles like lorries, forklift trucks and tractors once it hardens. A majority of the concrete structures have high durability and can last for centuries. If you ever feel that you don’t need them any longer, just demolish it.

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Keep The Room Temperature Constant

Irrespective of the items you are planning to put in the storage area, it is always advisable to choose a material which will keep the room’s temperature constant. Concrete has a high thermal mass and can keep the temperature of your storage room consistent for a long time. You won’t need any artificial heating or cooling and reduce your energy bills. You can even keep your company’s carbon footprint low.

Since there are so many benefits of using concrete for storage areas, it’s time you start looking for a reputed concrete supplier.

Planning To Construct Concrete Buildings? Know The 7 Steps Involved


One of the construction materials which people have been using for years is concrete. Every concrete building is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Recently, construction workers have started using innovative concrete technologies which have made laying and pouring of concrete easy. If you are willing to use the conventional method of concrete construction, get in touch with an experienced supplier of concrete. A majority of them have years of industry presence and know the various ways you have to follow when preparing the construction site, build the framework, place reinforcement, mix, pour, finish and cure concrete.

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Follow The Steps Below And Construct Concrete Buildings In Bexley

•    Estimate The Materials You Need

It is necessary to mix the concrete ingredients in correct proportion if you want the material to be of high quality. The batching process will help in carrying out the right measurement of the concrete ingredients. Approach a renowned supplier of concrete in Bexley as the proportion and quantity of cement, water and aggregates are important.

•   Prepare The Site

A very vital aspect of pouring concrete is site preparation. It is the responsibility of the construction workers to ensure that concrete is poured on a compacted and well-drained soil. The subsurface should be properly prepared and it will help in minimising potential cracks.

•   Build The Formwork

The importance of formwork in construction can never be neglected as they are responsible for supporting structures. Moulds are also created inside which concrete is poured. Few materials generally used to build the framework are steel, wood and aluminium.

•   Place Reinforcement

You can protect a concrete structure from displacement by placing the reinforcement accurately and supporting it properly before placing the concrete. Construction workers place reinforcement after considering the number of bars, bends, positions and bar lengths. This step will assure that the steel is bonding well with the concrete.

•   Mix The Concrete

How you mix the concrete ingredients will impact the quality of the concrete, both in its hardened and fresh state. It is necessary to mix the material well. It should be informed in colour. You can achieve proper consistency if the material is designed the right way.

•   Pour The Concrete

It is necessary to pour the concrete within the initial set time if you don’t want to deteriorate the quality of the concrete structure. Two common methods through which concrete is poured are pumping and manual transportation. Sometimes, vibrators are used to compact the poured concrete.

•   Finish The Concrete

How you finish a concrete structure is very important as it renders the building a smooth finish. Hire experienced contractors as they know the right method screeds and trowels that should be used to level the surface after the concrete is poured.

These being said, it’s time to follow the steps below above and constructing concrete buildings will become easier.

Know How To Accelerate Concrete Drying Time With 6 Easy Tips


Though there are numerous concrete suppliers scattered all over Sutton, make sure you choose someone experienced as they know how much time a concrete mix needs to cure and dry. Negligence to dry it the proper way can lead to structural failures which can delay your construction project further. Accelerating the concrete drying time will not only boost your project’s efficiency but also ensure your safety.

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Few Tips To Accelerate The Concrete Drying Time

  • Choose The Right Weather

Sunnier days are considered to be the best time to dry concrete as the weather is warmer and dry and everything dries faster. If possible, try to wait till summer before starting with your construction project. Just make sure that the temperature is not too high as it can lead to rapid cement hydration and increase evaporation rate which can lead to cracks.

  • Add Calcium Chloride

A majority of the concrete suppliers in Sutton suggest their clients add calcium chloride when preparing the wet concrete mix as it helps in accelerating the cement hydration process. It will also take less time for concrete to solidify and you can pour it with ease.

  • Avoid Adding Excess Water

Construction workers should limit the amount of water they are using to prepare the concrete mix as it will take a long time for concrete to set if more water is added. Though you can minimise the drying time by adding less water, adding too little water will make the concrete mix extremely thick and inflexible. You can also add water-reducer if you want the mixture to have high fluidity.

  • Add Warm Water

If you want the concrete curing reaction to happen the right way, using the right amount of water is necessary. It is also advisable to use warm water when preparing the concrete mixture as it helps in speeding up the concrete drying process. The reaction occurs more quickly without affecting the efficiency of the structure. Extremely hot water should be avoided as it can damage the quality of your concrete in Sutton.

  • Avoid Hard Trowelling

How long will it take for the concrete mixture to dry is also dependent on the trowelling technique you are using. Avoid hard trowelling as it can lead to several issues by increasing pressure. High intensity trowelling will collapse the air pockets in the mixture and the moisture in it can’t evaporate easily. This will increase the drying time even further.

  • Use Heater

Construction workers undertaking a building project during winter can utilise artificial means to create heat. Two things widely used are heating mats and heaters. Set the temperature of the heater wisely as overheating the wet concrete mix is a strict no-no! These being said, it’s time you start following the tips stated above and invest in high-quality concrete if you want to accelerate the concrete drying time.

3 Common Myths About Concrete Construction


Durability and low maintenance are two prime reasons why the demand for concrete has enhanced drastically in the last few years. It is one of the most preferred building materials used by builders in Bexley. They make appealing building materials. They don’t rot, rust or burn and can absorb and retain heat efficiently.

Common Myths About Concrete

Though there are so many benefits of concrete construction, there are still a few builders who have not started looking for a reputed concrete supplier yet. This is primarily because there are still a few myths surrounding concrete construction. Correcting these are a must so that builders can make the most of the effective building material.

Undertaking A Concrete Construction Project?

  • “Slump Can Be Increased Only By Adding Water”

Though adding water while preparing concrete will help in increasing slump, the strength of the material will reduce drastically. The paste will dilute if you keep on increasing water. Excessive water will even reduce the material’s capacity to resist freeze-thaw cycles and lead to service-related problems. Water should be added to the material only if you want to increase its workability. Add water gradually so that the material can retain its specifications.

  • “Concrete Is Completely Impermeable”

Even if you approach the most reputed supplier of concrete in Bexley, you won’t be getting impermeable concrete. Even the densest material is porous. It is easy for water and other liquid to pass through the concrete which makes it porous. How long will it take for concrete to absorb liquid or vapour is dependent on its overall porosity. Some concrete varieties might take just a few minutes while others might take months. Builders willing to make the material less permeable can ask the supplier to suggest a suitable mix design. You can also consider surface treatments like membranes and sealers.

  • “Cement Content Specify A Concrete Mix”

If you are one of those people who think that concrete mix can be specified based on the number of cement bags you are purchasing, it’s about time you forget this myth. The performance requirements of the mix should also be considered. Understand the desired properties of the concrete you need for your construction project if you want to assess how much cement will be required to prepare high-quality concrete. It is advisable to avoid high cement content if you don’t want it to have an adverse impact on the shrinkage and workability of concrete.

Approach The Right Supplier

Since the common myths about concrete construction have been corrected, it’s time you start looking for a reputed supplier of concrete. Their experts should understand your concrete requirements before suggesting the right concrete variety. You will have more peace of mind if state-of-the-art machines are used during on-site operations. Their focus should always be on the reliability, efficiency, and usability of the material.