Though there are numerous concrete suppliers scattered all over Sutton, make sure you choose someone experienced as they know how much time a concrete mix needs to cure and dry. Negligence to dry it the proper way can lead to structural failures which can delay your construction project further. Accelerating the concrete drying time will not only boost your project’s efficiency but also ensure your safety.

concrete construction drying time

Few Tips To Accelerate The Concrete Drying Time

  • Choose The Right Weather

Sunnier days are considered to be the best time to dry concrete as the weather is warmer and dry and everything dries faster. If possible, try to wait till summer before starting with your construction project. Just make sure that the temperature is not too high as it can lead to rapid cement hydration and increase evaporation rate which can lead to cracks.

  • Add Calcium Chloride

A majority of the concrete suppliers in Sutton suggest their clients add calcium chloride when preparing the wet concrete mix as it helps in accelerating the cement hydration process. It will also take less time for concrete to solidify and you can pour it with ease.

  • Avoid Adding Excess Water

Construction workers should limit the amount of water they are using to prepare the concrete mix as it will take a long time for concrete to set if more water is added. Though you can minimise the drying time by adding less water, adding too little water will make the concrete mix extremely thick and inflexible. You can also add water-reducer if you want the mixture to have high fluidity.

  • Add Warm Water

If you want the concrete curing reaction to happen the right way, using the right amount of water is necessary. It is also advisable to use warm water when preparing the concrete mixture as it helps in speeding up the concrete drying process. The reaction occurs more quickly without affecting the efficiency of the structure. Extremely hot water should be avoided as it can damage the quality of your concrete in Sutton.

  • Avoid Hard Trowelling

How long will it take for the concrete mixture to dry is also dependent on the trowelling technique you are using. Avoid hard trowelling as it can lead to several issues by increasing pressure. High intensity trowelling will collapse the air pockets in the mixture and the moisture in it can’t evaporate easily. This will increase the drying time even further.

  • Use Heater

Construction workers undertaking a building project during winter can utilise artificial means to create heat. Two things widely used are heating mats and heaters. Set the temperature of the heater wisely as overheating the wet concrete mix is a strict no-no! These being said, it’s time you start following the tips stated above and invest in high-quality concrete if you want to accelerate the concrete drying time.

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