Durability and low maintenance are two prime reasons why the demand for concrete has enhanced drastically in the last few years. It is one of the most preferred building materials used by builders in Bexley. They make appealing building materials. They don’t rot, rust or burn and can absorb and retain heat efficiently.

Common Myths About Concrete

Though there are so many benefits of concrete construction, there are still a few builders who have not started looking for a reputed concrete supplier yet. This is primarily because there are still a few myths surrounding concrete construction. Correcting these are a must so that builders can make the most of the effective building material.

Undertaking A Concrete Construction Project?

  • “Slump Can Be Increased Only By Adding Water”

Though adding water while preparing concrete will help in increasing slump, the strength of the material will reduce drastically. The paste will dilute if you keep on increasing water. Excessive water will even reduce the material’s capacity to resist freeze-thaw cycles and lead to service-related problems. Water should be added to the material only if you want to increase its workability. Add water gradually so that the material can retain its specifications.

  • “Concrete Is Completely Impermeable”

Even if you approach the most reputed supplier of concrete in Bexley, you won’t be getting impermeable concrete. Even the densest material is porous. It is easy for water and other liquid to pass through the concrete which makes it porous. How long will it take for concrete to absorb liquid or vapour is dependent on its overall porosity. Some concrete varieties might take just a few minutes while others might take months. Builders willing to make the material less permeable can ask the supplier to suggest a suitable mix design. You can also consider surface treatments like membranes and sealers.

  • “Cement Content Specify A Concrete Mix”

If you are one of those people who think that concrete mix can be specified based on the number of cement bags you are purchasing, it’s about time you forget this myth. The performance requirements of the mix should also be considered. Understand the desired properties of the concrete you need for your construction project if you want to assess how much cement will be required to prepare high-quality concrete. It is advisable to avoid high cement content if you don’t want it to have an adverse impact on the shrinkage and workability of concrete.

Approach The Right Supplier

Since the common myths about concrete construction have been corrected, it’s time you start looking for a reputed supplier of concrete. Their experts should understand your concrete requirements before suggesting the right concrete variety. You will have more peace of mind if state-of-the-art machines are used during on-site operations. Their focus should always be on the reliability, efficiency, and usability of the material.

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