Planning To Construct Concrete Buildings? Know The 7 Steps Involved


One of the construction materials which people have been using for years is concrete. Every concrete building is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Recently, construction workers have started using innovative concrete technologies which have made laying and pouring of concrete easy. If you are willing to use the conventional method of concrete construction, get in touch with an experienced supplier of concrete. A majority of them have years of industry presence and know the various ways you have to follow when preparing the construction site, build the framework, place reinforcement, mix, pour, finish and cure concrete.

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Follow The Steps Below And Construct Concrete Buildings In Bexley

•    Estimate The Materials You Need

It is necessary to mix the concrete ingredients in correct proportion if you want the material to be of high quality. The batching process will help in carrying out the right measurement of the concrete ingredients. Approach a renowned supplier of concrete in Bexley as the proportion and quantity of cement, water and aggregates are important.

•   Prepare The Site

A very vital aspect of pouring concrete is site preparation. It is the responsibility of the construction workers to ensure that concrete is poured on a compacted and well-drained soil. The subsurface should be properly prepared and it will help in minimising potential cracks.

•   Build The Formwork

The importance of formwork in construction can never be neglected as they are responsible for supporting structures. Moulds are also created inside which concrete is poured. Few materials generally used to build the framework are steel, wood and aluminium.

•   Place Reinforcement

You can protect a concrete structure from displacement by placing the reinforcement accurately and supporting it properly before placing the concrete. Construction workers place reinforcement after considering the number of bars, bends, positions and bar lengths. This step will assure that the steel is bonding well with the concrete.

•   Mix The Concrete

How you mix the concrete ingredients will impact the quality of the concrete, both in its hardened and fresh state. It is necessary to mix the material well. It should be informed in colour. You can achieve proper consistency if the material is designed the right way.

•   Pour The Concrete

It is necessary to pour the concrete within the initial set time if you don’t want to deteriorate the quality of the concrete structure. Two common methods through which concrete is poured are pumping and manual transportation. Sometimes, vibrators are used to compact the poured concrete.

•   Finish The Concrete

How you finish a concrete structure is very important as it renders the building a smooth finish. Hire experienced contractors as they know the right method screeds and trowels that should be used to level the surface after the concrete is poured.

These being said, it’s time to follow the steps below above and constructing concrete buildings will become easier.