Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete for Big Construction Projects


Ready-mix concrete has many benefits. This is why most contractors, developers and builders prefer to hire Cobra Concrete suppliers of ready-mix concrete in Croydon for their ongoing or proposed projects.

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Benefits of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Convenient Delivery: Big construction projects can often have a delay in deliveries of materials. Cobra Concrete delivers the product within the required time frame to the clients. Your big construction project will never get delayed due to the late delivery of concrete products.

Save Time: Since the item is already mixed, you will be saving time by not having to mix the concrete yourself.

Different Types are Available: A big construction project might need different types of concrete products, and they can be delivered to you in different ways as per your requirements. There are processes like shrink mixed concrete, transit mixed concrete and central mixed concrete.

Do Not Need Extra Workforce: Though big construction projects involve a huge workforce, with ready-mix concrete, you do not need to worry about this, you can manage your big development projects with a limited number of workers when you choose a ready mix concrete supply.

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Cobra Concrete Ltd. has several years of experience delivering high-quality ready mix concrete to small contractors, large developers, architects, builders, government agencies and house builders.

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How Using Ready Mix Concrete Can Reduce Delays to Your Project


When you choose ready mix concrete instead of the conventional concrete products, it can save you time on your project.

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Using Ready Mix Concrete to Save Time

  1. This concrete mixture is ready to be used at your construction site.
  2. You do not need to waste your time mixing various elements to get your desired concrete product.
  3. You can have innovative mixers and volumetric trucks at your site for the fastest delivery.
  4. The concrete supplier will send these trucks to your site anytime you require them.
  5. It will save you from the waste of products since you can get the exact amount you want.
  6. You do not need to employ and maintain a big team for a concrete mixing job.

Ready mix concrete will save your time by cutting down the mixing and transporting time. However, you should look for a reliable and reputable supplier of ready mix concrete for your project. Whether you are an individual client or a construction company, it is advisable to get the products from a trustworthy source to enjoy all these benefits.

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Cobra Concrete Ltd. is one such company. We deliver high-quality ready mix concrete that will improve the standard of your project. From laying a driveway to constructing the base of a multi-storeyed building – you can use this product for various construction tasks.

Apart from ready mix concrete, we also offer on site mix concrete, concrete pump, floor screed and grab hire. Talk to our experts to get complete details about our products.


Benefits of Concrete Pumping Solutions at a Construction Site


Over time, the concrete supply industry has witnessed a lot of improvement. The old and outdated techniques of concrete mixing and delivering are no longer practised. Nowadays, one can see advanced concrete pumping solutions at construction sites to make the procedure easy and fast.

concrete pumping solutions

Companies that supply high-quality concrete products utilise the latest machines and techniques to pump concrete at the place where you require it. It can be over, under or around obstructions.

Why is Concrete Pumping Beneficial?

· You do not need to hire a dedicated team for this work.

· You do not need to get involved in managing their work.

· You do not need to hire wheelbarrows, cranes and elevators.

· It is good for sites with limited space.

· You can place the concrete in all kinds of weather.

· The concrete moves faster to the pouring location from the source.

· You can have the concrete pumped at a greater height.

· The process saves a lot of time which will help you in finishing the project on time.

· You can place concrete in areas where a crane cannot reach.

With the help of concrete pumping, your construction site can get a range of products. Your supplier can place a large quantity of concrete at the right place quicker than any other available alternative sources.

You can have products like;

1. Foam concrete

2. Fluid concrete

3. Lightweight concrete

4. Steel fibre concrete

No matter how large your project is, the team of Cobra Concrete Ltd. can easily deliver quality concrete with the help of modern pumping equipment. Even these pumps can reach areas which are tough to access. Whether you have your construction site at a crowded location or in a small area – the pump will reach the right point to deliver the product without any hassle.


Please get in touch with us to get complete information about our concrete pumping solutions for various projects.

Benefits of Mix on Site Concrete

Concrete is an essential element for every construction site. When you start looking for different kinds of concrete available in the market, you may see their differences based on the techniques through which they are mixed. Concrete Suppliers Bexley Mix on-site concrete is the most popular type of concrete used all over the UK. There is a range of benefits of using this product for your construction project; irrespective of their type and size.

Why is Mix on Site Concrete Popular?

Fresh Concrete: The concrete is freshly prepared; just for your project. Nothing can affect your concrete since it will be mixed in front of you. Good for Large Projects: Volumetric mixers always work better for large projects since they hold a huge amount of concrete that you can use at a time. No Waste: Even if you need concrete for a smaller scale construction project, you can utilise the amount you exactly need. There will be no waste of material. Control the Consistency: Mix on-site concrete means flawless consistency. Since it is mixed and prepared on your site, you can control the consistency level as per the current requirement of your construction work. Convenient: Whether you run a large construction project or a small one; mix on-site concrete makes the entire process convenient. Minimal waste, on-time delivery and perfect consistency help you to finish your job fast. Concrete suppliers in Surrey Cobra Concrete Ltd. can mix your concrete on site. We supply different types of concrete products throughout London, including Bexley and we supply the finest quality products to individuals and companies. We use volumetric mixing vehicles to mix your concrete on-site to produce products with the exact strength and quantity you require without any hassle. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Types of Concrete Products You Can Use


A construction site uses different types of concrete products according to the architectural and civil engineering plans. It may include the construction of slabs and foundations for small domestic projects and developing large structures such as commercial building plans.

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The top concrete suppliers in Croydon will pump different types of concrete products to suit the versatile needs of your projects.

Concrete Products that Are Mostly Used

Lightweight Concrete: Unlike traditional concretes, it is lower in density. It helps you to decrease the size of the structural elements of your construction.

Fluid Concrete: To achieve a smooth surface, you can rely on fluid concrete. Only an experienced team can handle this with the help of the right equipment.

Foam Concrete: A foam injection and blended cement slurry are mixed to create foam concrete. The dimension of each of these elements determines the density of the concrete.

Steel Fibre Concrete: This is one of the most popular ranges of concrete with higher efficiency. Under harsh loading conditions, you can expect to get the best performance from this type of concrete.

You need to choose the right type of concrete from your supplier according to the construction project you are handling. Your concrete supplier will also help you to choose the most suitable one after knowing your project’s type and range.

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At Cobra Concrete Ltd., we pump all these above-mentioned concrete products. Our excellent concrete pumping solutions eliminate the need for hiring excess labour. It saves time, as well. Larger quantities of concrete can be pumped and placed at your site with our advanced equipment and skilled team members.

Please get in touch with us for details.

How Ready Mix Concrete Can Help You in Saving Time


Since the invention of concrete, the industry always looks for something that saves their time and makes construction easy and fast. Ready Mix concrete has helped the construction contractors with this.

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The Building Procedure

The process of making concrete to use in a certain type of construction work is a time-consuming matter. It requires mixing concrete, sand, cement and water in specific ratios to get a desired shape and form. Then the entire mixture has to be poured on the mould which allows it to take the correct form. The main disadvantage of this process is, it consumes a lot of time which can delay the entire construction project.

Ready Mix Concrete Saves Time

This is a premixed product which has the desired ratios of all the elements. You need to contact your concrete supplier to discuss your needs. They will supply you the right type of ready mix concrete after checking the tensile strength, compressive strength, characteristic strength and unit weight of the concrete.

This provides you not only with an outstanding concrete mix, but peace of mind as well. You will be sure about the quality products you are getting as well as you feel happy to save time.

The supplier will deliver the ready mix concrete at your construction site. Latest techniques and unique methods are applied to pump concrete into the place where you want it.

Companies like Cobra Concrete Ltd. offer prompt barrowing service to get your ready mix concrete from the truck to your location as fast as possible.

Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

Apart from its time-saving feature, ready mix concrete has other benefits too. It reduces construction waste because of centralised mixing by the manufacturers. Its high quality and versatility make the product appropriate for a range of construction works. If you have space issues in your construction site, then ready mix concrete will be a great help.

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Contact Cobra Concrete Ltd. for all the details related to our ready mix concrete supply. We have vast experience in concrete supply and preparation.

Know Why Concrete Structures Are More Popular Than Steel Structures


Though you can choose from a wide variety of materials for your construction project, the demand for concrete and steel is always relatively high. In fact, one of the biggest challenges builders have to face is to decide whether they should choose steel structures or concrete structures. Both the materials are widely used in construction projects and offer their own sets of benefits. Some builders even prefer choosing the construction material from their maintenance point of view. It is one of the primary reasons why the demand for concrete structures is always more than steel structures.

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What Are Concrete Structures?

Take a look around and you will notice that it is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction industry. Structures made using this material are capable of handling compressive stresses easily. Since they can’t take tensile stresses effectively, concrete reinforcement is used when the structure has to endure tension load. Two common benefits offered by concrete are compatibility and durability. Both these features have made it one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. You can mould them into any shape according to the requirement of your project.

3 Common Types Of Concrete Used In The Construction Industry

  • Plain Cement Concrete

Almost every experienced supplier of concrete in Sidcup offer plain cement concrete at reasonable prices. This concrete variety is obtained by mixing sand, cement, water and aggregates in definite proportion. Use plain cement concrete to make concrete structures and you can assure that they will have good compressive strength. The only disadvantage is that this concrete variety has little tensile strength which can limit their use in the construction industry. If you are undertaking a construction project which requires a material with high compressive strength and weight, consider using plain concrete.

  • Reinforced Cement Concrete

Tensile stresses are taken up by steel and compressive stresses by concrete when ordinary reinforced cement concrete is used. Construction workers generally ignore the concrete below the neutral axis as it is weak in tension. There are even a few situations when the concrete in the tensile zone start developing minute cracks. If you don’t want those cracks to become complicated and damage the structural integrity of your concrete structures, choose a reliable supplier of reinforced cement concrete.

  • Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete is generally used by builders to make structures which might be subjected to vibrations like railways sleepers, bridges, girders, gravity dam and electric poles. Prestressed concrete offers similar benefits like precast concrete.

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4 Reasons Why Concrete Structures Are More Popular Than Steel Structures

  • All the ingredients used to make concrete are affordable and readily available.
  • Concrete can be poured and cast into any shape according to your construction needs.
  • Concrete has high compressive stress which makes them suitable for structures under compressive loads.
  • Concrete is ideal for water retaining structures like dams because of their water tightness and high unit weight.

Since concrete structures offer so many benefits, it’s time you get in touch with Cobra Concrete Ltd for quality concrete.

Common Use of Concrete in Interior Designing Projects


When we think about concrete, most of the time we think about its use in the structural construction of a building. It is the roof, sidewalk, foundation of a building, driveways and pavements where we can see the wide use of concrete. Modern interior designers choose concrete for their work as well.

Concrete Interior Design

Yes, we are talking about the use of concrete in interior designing projects. In fact, it is getting huge popularity in this recent time in the world of interior design where new trends and intriguing ideas are ruling the industry.

Use of Concrete for Interior Design

  • Concrete Flooring

Along with hardwood and vinyl, concrete is also used as a flooring option in modern houses. The modern interior designers choose concrete over tiles or other types of floors because of its versatility and durability. Choose a suitable colour scheme to paint your concrete floor and get a unique look for your interior.

  • Kitchen Countertops

Instead of using the granite and linoleum, you can choose concrete to build durable and stylish-looking kitchen countertops and kitchen islands. The use of concrete for making kitchen countertops or bathroom sink can add a unique feature to the interior design of these spaces in your house.

  • Concrete Walls

When you wish to add more features and glamour to your interior walls, you can try concrete. Instead of having the traditional dry walls with gorgeous paints, have concrete walls with exclusive texture. Your interior will look totally magnificent and appealing.

  • Concrete Shelves

Whether it is your living room or bedroom, you can have some stylish and useful concrete shelves to keep decorative items. These shelves are highly efficient to keep different items in one space. From books to crockery and from decorative pieces to mementoes – you can keep dozens of things on these shelves. They look gorgeous and add exclusive features to the interior of your house.

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If you wish to use concrete for the interior design of your home, you should talk to your interior designer about the type of material you need. You can add colour to the concrete to get some colourful texture.

No matter whether you need to use concrete for the exterior or interior design of your property; you must have the best quality product to obtain something durable and efficient. Talk to the experts of Cobra Concrete Ltd to get the best quality concrete for your project.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Concrete For Storage Areas


People have been using concrete for a long time. Take a look around and you will notice that all the barn, warehouses and storage facilities are made of concrete. It is produced from locally available material and leaves a small environmental footprint. It is one of the building materials which gain strength over time. If you are planning to build a storage area to protect your valuable stock and products, visit a reputed concrete supplier in Sidcup and use high-quality accredited concrete.

concrete for storage areas

Few Benefits Of Using Concrete When Making Storage Areas


If your objective is to build a fire-resistant storage area and keep your valuables protected, use concrete. It is made using cement and aggregates. Both these elements are chemically inert and don’t catch fire. Not only does concrete save the storage area from catching fire but the material also transfers heat very slowly. Even if blazes take place outside the storage area or in some other room, your valuable items will stay protected. When concrete comes in contact with flames, they don’t emit toxic fumes and keep your stock and people protected.

Strength And Durability

The focus of every construction worker building a storage area is on its strength and durability. Visit a reputed supplier of concrete in Sidcup and you can expect the structure to last for years with minimal maintenance. You will be surprised to know that concrete is capable of enduring the weight of heavy vehicles like lorries, forklift trucks and tractors once it hardens. A majority of the concrete structures have high durability and can last for centuries. If you ever feel that you don’t need them any longer, just demolish it.

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Keep The Room Temperature Constant

Irrespective of the items you are planning to put in the storage area, it is always advisable to choose a material which will keep the room’s temperature constant. Concrete has a high thermal mass and can keep the temperature of your storage room consistent for a long time. You won’t need any artificial heating or cooling and reduce your energy bills. You can even keep your company’s carbon footprint low.

Since there are so many benefits of using concrete for storage areas, it’s time you start looking for a reputed concrete supplier.

Using Ready Mix Concrete? Know The Common Types And Advantages


Visit any reputed concrete supplier and they will let you choose from a wide variety of concrete mixes. Understand the needs of your construction project and you can choose the right type of concrete mix. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for ready mix concrete. It is a type of customised concrete manufactured in factories or a batching plant. The supplier will understand your concrete needs and manufacture the material according to your required specifications. After the concrete mix is prepared in the factory, it is taken to the worksite in transit mixers.

ready mix concrete

Millions of construction workers and builders all over the world prefer ready mix concrete. The material is very durable and sustainable. It is always advisable to choose a reputed supplier offering this concrete variety. You can rest assured that the mixture prepared is precise and of high quality. Some concrete suppliers even use this concrete manufacturing method to make various concrete mixes efficiently. They have high versatility and multiple applications.

3 Types Of Ready Mix Concrete

  • Transit Mixed Concrete – It is also known as dry-batched concrete. It is prepared by putting all the ingredients and water directly into the truck mixer. The mixer drum revolves at high speed when the material is loaded. It revolves at a normal speed until the concrete is delivered at the construction site.
  • Shrink Mixed Concrete – The initial concrete mixing takes place in the plant mixer. The rest of the mixing is done during transit in the truck-mounted drum mixer. The amount of mixing required in the transit mixer is dependent on how much mixing was done in the central mixing plant.
  • Central Mixed Concrete – This ready mix concrete variety is completely mixed before loading it into the truck mixer. The primary task of the truck mixer is to act as an agitator while transporting the concrete. Some suppliers even use non-agitating trucks if the project requires concrete with less workability.
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3 Advantages Of Using Ready Mix Concrete

  • Reputed concrete suppliers of ready mix concrete use consistent methods and sophisticated equipment when manufacturing the material.
  • The material is tested on various parameters before delivering them to the construction site.
  • The mechanised operations in a ready mix concrete plant speed up the construction practices.

Since you are now aware of the common types and benefits of ready mix concrete, it’s time you start looking for a reputed supplier in your city.