Make Your Concrete Structures Stronger In 6 Easy Steps

Concrete is nowadays being widely used for construction as the structures used to make them are sturdier and durable. Whether you are willing to construct retaining wall, floors or foundations, use concrete and you can have complete peace of mind for years to come. Another vital reason why the demand for concrete is always quite high is that the construction material is inexpensive when compared with other building materials. If you have undertaken a construction project where very strong concrete will be necessary, there are a few easy steps you can follow.

make Concrete Structures Stronger

Few Steps To Follow For Stronger Concrete Structures

·         Step 1

Rebar or steel mesh
can be used for concrete pour reinforcement. Though various additives can be used to strengthen the pour, rebar is the most preferred choice. How strong the finished project will be is largely dependent on how much rebar you are adding in the concrete when constructing a horizontal or vertical project. The strength also increases when more bars are added.

·         Step 2

The strength of a concrete structure will be more, if the steel is in the centre of the wet concrete and not at the bottom. The easiest way to do this is by raising the rebar level in the flat pour. The rebar can be positioned using rebar chairs so that there is some distance between the rebar and the sand base.

·         Step 3

How long will it take for concrete to set is dependent on various factors, the weather being the primary among them. If the weather is too hot with little humidity, the structure will be a bit weak, as the concrete will set very fast. Such being the situation, talk with your concrete suppliers in Surrey and they will add water according to the consistency you are looking for.

·         Step 4

A water hose should be used to mist new concrete at fixed intervals on the day you are pouring it. After which you should use it for at least 3 times every day. The more time it takes for the concrete to cure, the stronger the structure will be. A strong internal bond is created when the exterior of the structure is misted for at least 3 days during the curing process.

·         Step 5

A primary reason why concrete suppliers never mix calcium with the material if the weather is cool is that it reduces the drying time. Though it speeds up the pouring process, the strength of your concrete structure reduces drastically. Calcium is one of the additives which support filtration of air in wet concrete.

·         Step 6

The easiest way through which the material can strengthen is by vibrating the wet concrete. It supports filtration of wet concrete into hard-to-reach areas and voids. The final product also becomes more solid as vibration removes small bubbles from the concrete.

Time to follow the steps stated above and approach the right concrete supplier in Surrey if you want the structure you are constructing to be stronger.