Enhancing The Durability Of Concrete In Croydon Is Now Easier

Concrete is a very vital element in every construction project, as it is generally used to make the foundation of a structure. This is why it is your responsibility to ensure that it has adequate load bearing strength, durability and resistance to various environmental factors. Whether you are mixing the concrete using hand or machine, it should be properly placed around the reinforcement.

Durability Of Concrete

One of the main reasons why the performance of a concrete structure decreases with the passage of time, is because they are often subjected to harsh climatic conditions for a prolonged period of time. If you want it to perform satisfactorily, there are a few vital points you need to consider.

The Durability Of Concrete In Croydon? 4 Vital Points To Consider

  • Aggregate Quality

One of the easiest ways to increase the durability of hardened concrete is by using good quality aggregates. It is the responsibility of the concrete suppliers to ensure that the shape of the particles used is round and smooth. If they are elongated and flaky, the workability of the concrete might reduce. If you are willing to achieve a dense concrete mix, well-graded aggregates should be used. The moisture content of the aggregates should also be tested before mixing.

  • Cement Content

If the quantity of cement used to make the concrete mix is not sufficient, it can have a negative impact on the durability of the structure. This is why you should always take the aid of renowned concrete suppliers in Croydon. They are aware of the fact that the workability of the material reduces when the water-cement ratio reduces. If more cement is used than necessary, issues like alkali-silica reaction and drying shrinkage might occur.

  • Quality Of Water

Not everyone preparing the concrete mix is aware of the fact that the quality of water used also impacts its durability. It is always advisable to use water which has a pH level from 6 to 8. Not only should the water be clean but also free from salts, sugar, oils, alkalies, acids and organic materials. Chemical reactions can corrode the steel if the water used to prepare the concrete in Croydon contains impurities.

  • Permeability

If water can pass through the concrete structure, it can have a negative impact on the durability of the material. When water enters into a concrete structure, it expands and cracks from within. With the passage of time, the concrete structure disintegrates. The easiest way to ensure that the structure isn’t permeable is by checking whether there are any capillary cavities in the concrete. This generally happens due to high water-cement ratio.

These being said, it’s time you consider all the factors stated above when preparing and pouring concrete and increasing the durability of the concrete structure will become easier.