Everyone in the construction industry is aware of the importance of ready mix concrete. It is made using Portland cement, water, sand and crushed stone or gravel. A uniform concrete mass is produced when various components are mixed. Just approach an experienced concrete supplier and you don’t have to worry about the quality of the ready mix concrete you are going for your construction project.

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How Is Concrete Produced?

The silos found in a ready-mix concrete plant comprise of sand, cement, gravel and additives like plasticizers. All these components are blended together during the mixing phase. The power of gravity is used to feed the components into the preparation bin. Concrete suppliers administer the formulation carefully which helps in maintaining the quality of the concrete.

Not only is water added precisely but is consistently and continuously mixed with the concrete. A centralised computer is used to accommodate all the constraints and automate the concrete plants and ensure their reliability during the manufacturing process. The prepared concrete is then loaded into a mixer truck or transit mixer before being delivered to the construction site.

Few Raw Materials Used To Prepare Ready Mix Concrete

  • Aggregates

A majority of the ready-mix concrete mixture is made using aggregates obtained from aggregate banks and quarries. High-quality aggregates are used to ensure the durability of the structure made using concrete in Croydon.

  • Additives

The additive mixed with ready mix concrete is either liquid or solid chemical substances which are added during or before the concrete is prepared. The additives help in reducing the water content of the concrete, increases its durability or minimises the setting time.

  • Water

This is a very vital fluid mixed with the concrete. A chemical reaction occurs when water comes in contact with the cement.

  • Cement

The resistance of the concrete is largely dependent on the quality of the cement mixed while preparing it. Since the focus of renowned concrete suppliers in Croydon is on increasing the resistance power of the material, they always try to use high-grade cement.

How Is Ready Mix Concrete Produced?

After the concrete is produced, the various components are mixed to form a uniform mass of concrete. The mixing time is dependent on the type of ready mix concrete you are looking for. Concrete suppliers register the time from the moment water is put inside the cement mixer with the other materials and the mixer starts rotating. You will be surprised to know that the cement mixer keeps on revolving at a speed of two to six rotations per minute while the concrete is being transported to the site.

Since you now know how ready mix concrete is prepared, it’s time you start looking for a renowned concrete supplier offering it at a price which suits the budget of your construction project.

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