The focus of every construction worker is always on providing the highest standard of concrete work. If you also want your construction project to be both beautiful and durable, the first thing you need to do is to choose a renowned concrete supplier. They should have years of experience in providing high-quality concrete in Croydon. Since their focus is always on maintaining their reputation, you can stay assured that they will provide quality concrete. Just discuss your concrete needs with them, and they will suggest the best concrete variety which will help construction workers deliver great work.

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4 Factors Concrete Suppliers Consider Before Starting Concrete Work

·   Condition Of The Soil

The longevity of a specific structure is mainly dependent on the condition of the ground which it has been constructed. It is advisable to avoid land comprising of clay and fine particles if you don’t want the structure to become vulnerable to cracking. This is because it takes a long time for water to drain in the soil, which increases the water table. If you have to build the structure in such ground, make sure there are at least 2 inches of gravel or engineered soil placed below the concrete slabs.

· Dowel Pins

Dowel rods and dowel pins are generally used in civil constructions and provide a mechanical connection between two slabs without restricting its horizontal movement. Ask the contractors to use them at places where the concrete meets the foundation of your home. This prevents the concrete slab from settling in the foundation which would have otherwise drained water towards your home, flooding the crawl spaces and basements. The rebar mats help in resisting bending forces.

·   Thickness

The thickness of the concrete structure is a vital thing to consider, so stay away from contractors who are too greedy or lazy to pour concrete of sufficient depth. Not only will it harm the durability of the concrete structure, but cracks will develop all over it, and finally it will fail. If you are not sure about the proper thickness, talk with your concrete suppliers in Croydon. Generally, the poured concrete should be around 4 inches thick if you are doing some residential flatwork. You will get good concrete work if its thickness is checked before the slab is poured.

·   Control Joints

The primary task of concrete joints is to create weak points on the surface of the concrete slabs so that cracking occurs inside the joint and not on the surface. This is why they are known by the term control joints and are placed inside the concrete slab. The maximum distance between two joints should be 12 feet in each direction. Just check whether the contractors are cutting the joints to the proper depth.

Since you are now aware of the factors which impact the quality of concrete work, it’s time you start with your construction project.

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