The easiest way to take advantage of the concrete technology is by going for ready mix concrete. They are nowadays being widely used for various domestic and commercial construction projects. Just make sure you have chosen the right material by enhancing your knowledge about the different grades of concrete. The grades are generally dependent on the composition and strength of the concrete. The best thing to do is have a talk with the supplier of ready mix concrete in Surrey and they will let you know the various types of concretes available and the benefits offered by them.

ready mix concrete Surrey

Need Ready Mix Concrete For Your Construction Project? Know Their Varieties

· Transit Mixed Concrete

They are also known as dry-batched concrete as the supplier providing it feed all the basic ingredients used to prepare this concrete variety including water into the truck mixer. While the materials are being loaded into the mixer, the drum revolves at a very charging speed. The mixer drum rotates at the normal agitating speed after all the materials have been loaded into it. Transit mixed concrete is further divided into three varieties. They are concrete mixed at the job site, concrete mixed in transit and concrete mixed in the yard.

· Shrink Mixed Concrete

This concrete variety is mixed in two parts. It is first put in the plant mixer and then the rest of the mixing is done in the truck-mounted drum mixer. How long will the concrete stay in the transit mixer is dependent on how long it has been in the central mixing plant. Concrete suppliers conduct tests to determine the amount of mixing required in the plant mixer and the truck-mounted drum mixer.

· Central Mixed Concrete

The concrete is fed into central-mixing concrete batch plants for mixing before being discharged into the truck mixer. These batch plants consist of a stationary, plant-mounted mixer. Central-mix plants are also known as pre-mix or wet batch plants. The truck mixer acts as the agitating haul unit during central mix operations. For low slump and mass concrete pours, suppliers sometimes use dump trucks.  Since you are now aware of the various types of ready mix concrete supplied, it’s time you choose one according to your construction project requirements and approach a reliable concrete supplier in Surrey.

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