The construction industry is indeed a bit hazardous, especially for construction workers. It is mandatory for them to acknowledge their own set of safety concerns. All the industry set standards and regulations should be put in place to ensure the safety of the professionals working on job sites. If you are working with concrete, not only should you approach renowned concrete suppliers in Surrey but also follow a few tips to ensure your safety.

concrete safety tips

Few Tips To Ensure Your Safety When Working With Concrete In Surrey

·   Keep Your Skin Protected

Concrete burns are one of the most common threats people in the construction industry have to face. The caustic and abrasive texture of concrete can lead to severe irritation and burn your skin. The danger of concrete burns is more if you are using fresh concrete. It is mandatory for construction workers to always keep their skin covered. Long sleeve shirts, protective eyewear, gloves and long pants are vital components of their uniform. Wash off your skin immediately if they come in contact with fresh concrete.

·   Use Safe Tools

The tools used by construction workers when working with concrete can also pose safety hazards. This is why they should know how to handle them safely, operate properly and store them appropriately. They should wear hard hats and use the latest tools using proper grips and techniques. The construction workers should also communicate with the machine operators regarding the clearance and movement of the machinery.

·   Stay Aware Of Silica

If you are willing to stay away from construction hazards, be aware of silica. Ensuring silica safety is a must when using concrete. Construction workers should avoid getting exposed to crystalline silica as it is considered to be a carcinogen. Crystalline silica can lead to severe lung diseases like lung cancer. OSHA has made medical surveillance of workers mandatory to ensure that they are not being exposed to more than 50 micrograms of silica dust per cubic meter of air.

·   Look Before You Step

New concrete can also lead to tripping hazards in a wide variety of ways. Misplaced tools, rebar and uneven ground can make construction workers trip and fall, thus injuring themselves. All walking paths should be clear. Workers should watch their steps while walking. The easiest way to keep their feet protected is by wearing rubber boots which helps in creating more traction.

·   Lift Safely

Workers have to often lift and move heavy objects on construction sites. They should move objects using safe lifting techniques. If they feel that some object is too heavy, they should be ready to work in teams and pairs. Workers should determine the right amount of fresh concrete to be loaded in the shovel so that they can lift it with confidence. Lifting injuries generally happen when they twist their back accidentally while lifting heavy objects.

Time to follow the tips stated above and ensuring your safety when working with concrete will become easier.

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