cobra concrete

Concrete Specs

This mix is used for roadside kerbs, erecting posts and general use.
Both mixes can be used as footings for non-load bearing walls and drainage works.
This mix is used for slab foundations for houses and bungalows.
This mix is used for footings in house construction where the ground is soft.
Structural concrete mixes for roadways etc and are durable mixes that withstand the changeable British weather.
Mostly used in farming for the construction of slurry and silage pits, as the strong mix must be able to withstand the acids and chemicals that are often stored in the pits for long periods of time.

What We Can Do For You

We ask that the customer makes any specifications clear when ordering.

Calculating the correct quantity of concrete required is an important task. It can be very difficult to calculate the volumes needed and can be very easy to under or over order. If you are ordering your quantities via a blueprint, the hole excavated by heavy machinery won’t correctly match due to the bucket sizes being larger than the measurements used in architectural drawings. You also need to consider that earth and soil has movement and excavated cavities and holes may vary slightly from the drawings.  As a rule of thumb we recommend adding 10% on top of any drawing calculations if you have not accurately measured after the dig.

We are happy to visit your site and measure free of charge to guarantee you get the right volume of concrete without incurring additional costs or spoiling a pour by having insufficient mix.


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