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What We Can Do For You

We can complete small, domestic slab work and provide foundations for extensions and driveways right through to undertaking comprehensive new-build projects.

Our concrete pumping solutions removes the need for extensive labour – no more humping wheelbarrows or the hiring of cranes and elevators. We can simply place large quantities of concrete quicker than alternative sources. The concrete suppliers of Cobra Concrete Limited cater the services in the region Bromley, Croydon, Beckenham and Surrey. Most essentially readymix concrete is supplied majorly.

At Cobra Concrete Ltd, we utilise the latest machinery and techniques to pump concrete into place where you need it – over, under or around obstructions. Our concrete placements can even be made in an elevated position, and our pumps are ideal for small sites or crowded areas as they take up less space, meaning we can lay concrete in awkward to reach locations or areas of poor access.

We pump all types of concrete products

Lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete is lower in density than traditional concretes. It enables us to reduce the dead load of our concrete structures, meaning a decrease in the size of structural elements, and a reduction in the quantity of concrete and reinforcing steel required for the project.

Cobra Concrete
Cobra Concrete
Foam concrete
Foam concrete is created from blended cement slurry and a foam injection. The dimensions of each material will dictate the density of the foam concrete. Its self-levelling and self-compacting properties mean it can fill even the smallest of voids, cavities and seams, and with rapid pumping times represents a cost-effective concrete for your requirements.
Fluid concrete

Fluid concrete is by its very nature a highly workable concrete that offers a completely void-free surface. It must be handled professionally and with care by an experienced team using specialist equipment. HCP has expertise in working with fluid concrete, having been contracted by an extensive range of domestic and commercial clients over the years.

Cobra Concrete
Cobra Concrete
Steel Fibre Concrete

Steel Fibre Concrete is considered one of the finest ranges of concrete available, this type of concrete is designed to give the best performance under harsh loading conditions. It’s tough against impact, which means reduced maintenance costs. Most types of concrete require a crack control steel mesh, whereas steel fibre concrete requires no additional material – it’s an all in one solution concrete.

Barrow Mix Concrete

Our barrow mix concrete services are much more economical in relation to buying lesser amounts of concrete, usually for smaller, domestic jobs. Our experienced team provide a free barrowing service to get your concrete from the truck to your location as quickly as possible, so you don’t waste time and effort transferring it yourself.

You can order as much or as little as you like, and we can ensure that your order is mixed on-site to suit your quantity and grade requirements, so you don’t have to worry about ordering make-up batches if you run out.
Supply and Laying Services

We have vast experience in all aspects of groundworks and can not only supply your concrete but also do all the preparation works.

Works include:
Supply and lay concrete bases, foundations etc.
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